Stracciatella ice cream

The Stracciatella ice cream is made from a “fleur de lait” ice cream base to which we add large chips of 70% bean to bar chocolate.
The straciatella ice cream is the proof of Gelato & Coffee Artisan Glacier’s knowledge of ice cream and chocolate making.
This artisanal ice cream is 100% homemade and uses exceptional quality products as well as local products including milk and cream from the Avelin farm.



Ingredients: MILK, sugar, cream, dextrose, chocolate 70%, milk powder, glucose syrup, carob flour, guar flour, xanthan gum

Net weight : 500ml

Remove from freezer 10 minutes before use. Do not refreeze a thawed product.



Retrait chez Hill Bar
Lille - Villeneuve d'Ascq