The Bean To Bar

From the bean to the tablet


From the bean to the bar, the Bean to Bar process allows chocolate makers to produce their own chocolate from the cocoa bean .

For a long time reserved for large industrialists, the transformation of chocolate is nevertheless a key step in the taste of chocolate. Hill Bar has chosen to work the chocolate from the bean onwards in order to d’raise the quality of the chocolate by carefully selecting the raw materials and controlling each step of the bean processing.

Discover the steps of this fascinating process that we follow in our laboratory in Villeneuve d’Ascq.

The 7 steps

Our ingredients

Organic cocoa bean

Organic sugar

Piedmont Hazelnuts

Pistachios of Bronte

Cocoa nibs

Our chocolate

Hill Bar is a selection of the best cocoa bean vintages to offer you an extra gourmet bean to bar chocolate.