The chocolate factory

Our history

We live in a wonderful time, in which craftsmanship and essentials are making a remarkable comeback. A pivotal time that will hopefully see the definitive disappearance of processed and denatured products.

Born in Piedmont, Corrado Barberis became aware very early on of his responsibility to pass on the ancestral know-how he had known, and more specifically, that of chocolate.

With Hill Bar, he brings carefully selected cocoa beans directly to Lille to shell, grind, mix, conch and shape them. It gives life to a chocolate of a quality and finesse forgotten by most palates and perfectly faithful to the Italian tradition.

Our values

Our Partner

Concerned about making the world of cocoa a better place for farmers, partners, chocolate makers and consumers, HILL BAR gets its cocoa beans from its partner SILVA.

Choosing Hill Bar means choosing to promote the cultivation of high quality cocoa in sustainable agroforestry systems while preserving forests and natural resources.

The SILVA promises

  1. Premium quality cocoa with a distinctive flavor profile from exclusive locations.
  2. Conservation and protection of cocoa-producing forests for future generations.
  3. A fair income for cocoa farmers and their families.
  4. Decent working conditions, prohibiting child labor and slavery.
  5. A real and human story about taste, forest, growers and the future to share with customers and friends.